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At White Label Casino, we recognize that for attaining an online casino . For pulsating with growth and comprehensiveness, competence in internal processes is required. So are informative insights. And, there’s nothing except proficient white label services that can help you in this regard. Hence, we are aimed to strengthen your online gambling business endeavor with

star Robust Reporting System

Get detailed insights into how your casino platform is performing. Gain statistical reports revealing revenue, costs, cash flows, and much more. Become potent to take necessary measures at the right time for keeping your online platform, on the track of success with our real-time reporting facility.

star CMS System

Design your casino platform with only the content you prefer as our Content Management System is well integrated with all the platforms we provide. Hence, be it uploading graphics, modifying metatags, managing localized website versions, or making your site more user-friendly with informative content, everything happens conveniently.

star Payment Gateway Integration

Managing integrated payment systems will endow you with greater control in fiscal transactions. Our payment gateway integration lets you place commissions on cashouts and deposits, enabling you to accept or cancel withdrawal requests. Besides, generating coupon codes with defined face values is also possible.

star Advanced Player Segmentation

Establishing segments is crucial to improve the games performing poorly. It also assists in recognizing the behavior. Track how active your users are in a minutely detailed manner, and comprehend their gaming preferences precisely. Our advanced player segmentation will also help you issue personal bonuses, disabling accounts of suspicious users, and adjust balances manually.

star Anti-Fraud System

We build a shield enabling you to track suspicious activities of users. Being in your assistance, our anti-fraud system identifies bonus abuses, potential payment frauds, and other regulatory term breaches.

star Access Right and Roles

Based on their specific roles and responsibilities, every casino administrator will be given a unique set of access rights. Before accessing the casino back office, every administrator would be prompted to get through two-factor authentication (2FA).

star Support Multiple Currencies

Acceptance to multiple currencies is expected from casino operators. Hence, the web-based casino software recognizes all the renowned currencies, permitting them to be used in gameplay, deposits, and withdrawals. Update us about the currencies you want to be accepted by your casino site. We also approve cryptocurrencies.

star Affiliate Program

The platform already contains an in-built Affiliate system separated into multiple tiers and levels. Choose the program to access statistical reports of every affiliate link, determine and apply commissions for the affiliates you have, and greet them with affiliate rewards every month.

star Games Management

Enrich your online casino platform with new games only by a couple of clicks, and keep specific games under highlight. You can also get statistical reports of the most popular and profitable games present on your website and create custom game categories for a better assortment.

star Bonus System

Using our highly flexible bonus system, you can create and offer your users customized bonuses exclusive to different segments of users. For describing the bonus logic, we exercise internal domain-specific languages oriented explicitly for this task.

Games Management
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Casino Online - About Us
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Casino Online - About Us
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Casino Online - About Us

The only thing existing between you and your successful online casino is the decision you need to take. Let our white label solutions and services be the fuel that your online platform would require to reach success.