Casino Payment Gateway

Obtain a purchased copy of White Label Casino Payment Gateway Solution or rent as SaaS and get:
Safety certificate of PCI DSS Level 1 required for operating with card data
Secured anti-fraud system

Quick Commencement

At White Label Casino, we need a specific time, say up to 1 month, to provide your administrator to access your card payment processing system. Suppose you want to restore the settings of the current processing system or launch a new payment service provider with technologically advanced and progressive software, offering your customers a new level of service with our gateway – White Label payment gateway packages. In that case, you will get a modern and PCI DSS processing system within one month from the date of signing the lease with us.


At white label scales, the payment system goes horizontally and vertically through our easy-to-access modular architecture. We ensure that the transaction entering the payment system does not exceed the threshold throughput capacity, although the White Label payment gateway allows 200 transactions per second. The white label adds new modules in the payment system on the go, ignoring any shutdown and reboot.


The white-label payment gateway gets our certification from PCI DSS Level 1, acknowledged as one of the highest working systems that deal with card payments. We keep the payment data exchanges highly secured, with the system being performed through confidential communication channels. White Label Casino Payment Gateway also ensures that all your client’s data is kept encrypted.

Protects from any Fraudulent

Our white-label payment gateway services ensure that the clients are protected from invalid payment transactions or chargebacks. The white label provides a built-in 3D secure support module, a protocol made with the official VISA and Mastercards, to mark the authentication of cardholders. These safety modules are built with high-end technology with innovative techniques to manage “black” and “white” lists of buyers, track the devices from where the payment is made, set the limit of payment, create safety rules to identify the fraudulent and get the details of the fraud report immediately.

Technical Support

White label monitors all the payment gateway modules that operate 24/7. We also endure the performance of the payment gateway 99.99% of the time.

Three Integration Options

Your merchant can use these three integrated options of the payment system.

Apply API According to Server Type

API integration method helps in sharing transaction data through the JSON format. They do not swerve the buyer from the merchant’s site. You will decide the entire payment process.

Payment Page on the System

With the fastest and simplest integration method, Merchants can avert buyers from making payments while getting a tailor-made payment page with the help of this integration method.

Payment Page on the Merchant’s Site

To acquire this method, a certification from PCI DSS is not mandatory. The payment page tends to correlate with the style and design run on the merchant’s site. The buyers are not switched over to make payments.

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Payment Transaction

The afterward debited amount can be blocked before; deducting the amount either fully or partially can be done optimally.

Payment Cancellation

Dealing with the payment cancellation is done by reverting the partial or total funds to the card.


The gambling industry is perfect for payouts. They are transferred into the client’s card.

The only thing existing between you and your successful online casino is the decision you need to take. Let our white label solutions and services be the fuel that your online platform would require to reach success.

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